Power in Community Building

Busy, busy, busy! To be busy may appeal to our sense of urgency but may disconnect us from the beauty in the new art mural as you pass by to catch your train or too engrossed to notice the person lost at the train tracks, in need of a direction.

ur busy lives can stop us from appreciating the little things or create time to genuinely interact with our community members.

At Divineity Fashion, our community is at the centre of why we create our beautiful garments. We want to make quality attires that suit the silhouette of your body and have you feel empowered by the story each attire holds.

With the upcoming release of our collection Alphabet and as it relates to Project 1 Million, we aim to create a space that allows a seamless experience to brighten the lives of our community members.

Thank you to all who took our poll last week. Please continue to keep your eyes peeled on our emails to not miss out on how you can get involved! We will soon be sharing more information on the execution of Project 1 Million.

If you haven’t done so yet, please take 2 minutes to fill out our poll from last week!