Project 1 Million is a community-led movement that will impact 1 Million people living in poverty across the world with fashion as a medium.

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We are a purpose-driven for-profit organization with the heart to give back to impoverished communities across the world. Project 1 Million was borne from a place of pain and anxiety. Pain that there are people who go to bed hungry because they can’t afford to put food on the table. Anxiety because we know we can do more for our world and humanity.

In May 2021, this idea to impact our world came from a higher calling and we decided to pursue it the way we understood best, through fashion.

Project 1 Million is a mission carried out by Divineity Fashion Inc. to impact 1 million people living in poverty in 7 different countries across the world. Through our latest collection Alphabet by Divineity and our collaboration with Compassion Canada, we will carry out projects that will impact grassroots communities that need this help the most. The countries we have selected are Brazil, Haiti, the Philippines, Kenya, Mexico, and Nigeria. The country that is heavy on our minds currently is Haiti.

Divineity Fashion Inc is a social enterprise that uses fashion as a medium to address social issues. Our double corporate social responsibilities are the employ low-income women in West Africa and support Victims of domestic violence through partnerships and donations.

Jibs Abitoye is the founder of Divineity Fashion Inc and had been in operation since November 2019.