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Divineity Fashion Inc is a purpose-driven for-profit organization. We launched as a sole proprietorship business in November 2019, with a quintessential fashion brand that was targeted at red carpet events, award shows, prom, and wedding guests. In February 2020 we had the opportunity of attending the prestigious New York Fashion Week, which led us to get media coverage both nationally and internationally. In June 2020, we decided to pivot and launch an African print clothing brand that uses vibrant colours to make comfortable clothes that you can wear to work, play or date. This brand became successful with clients in Canada, US and Europe. As a business, we haven’t just stayed where we started, we have changed with the times and seasons. Made decisions that are better for our business, our customers, and quite frankly, our world.

One thing that remains constant is our heart to give back to impoverished and underprivileged communities across the world. Throughout our several branches, we use fashion as a medium to address social issues. Our triple corporate social responsibilities are employing low-income women in West Africa to put them in a financially stable situation, supporting victims of domestic violence through partnerships and donations, and donating towards global poverty relief through Project 1 Million.


My name is Jibs Abitoye. It breaks my heart to know that 735 million people in our world live in extreme poverty, 50% of which are children. These children grow up being unable to provide for their children — thus creating a generational cycle of poverty. Due to my childhood experiences, I know firsthand what it means to live in poverty and don’t think anyone should go to bed hungry. That is why we started Project 1 Million to tackle poverty, hunger, and food insecurity.

Project 1 Million is a Divineity Fashion Inc. legacy initiative formed to fuse our company’s passion for fashion and charity. In May 2021, the idea to positively impact our global community came from a higher calling, and we decided to pursue it the way we understood best, through fashion! In collaboration with Compassion Canada, we are on a mission to support one million lives out of poverty by providing confidence-boosting clothing that empowers fashionable champions of change to partake in our purpose-driven initiatives. The project aims to impact lives across the seven countries our Divineity community chose. These seven countries are Canada, Brazil, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Through our partnership with Compassion Canada, we will be raising funds via purchases from our limited-edition Alphabet Collection  to donate to their child sponsorship, mum and child sponsorship, and community development projects. 

The idea of a clothing brand giving to charity is not new, but many clothing brands attached to a charity do not give the customers control over how the money is donated; hence the customer feels detached from the charity. Divineity’s Project 1 Million is different. Our commitment is to focus our mission and purpose on community-led donation efforts that fully immerse customers into the charity aspect by providing updates, open discussions, and donation transparency. Our goal is to offer luxurious clothing, increase community experiences, and build a community of socially-conscious individuals who want to make a difference in the world, and ultimately, positively impact lives globally. Project 1 Million is the place where fashion meets charity. It is a unique standalone project that isn’t a social impact piece of an existing business. We will make a positive impact on 1 million people’s lives.

50% of the proceeds go towards grassroots communities in 7 different countries across the world through our charity partner. Check out the collection here. [Shop Now button]

Project 1 Million is a Divineity Fashion Inc. legacy initiative formed to fuse our company’s passion for fashion and charity


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