The Alphabet Collection

The Alphabet Collection is a combination of haute couture and ready-to-wear designs to explore and highlight the different personalities and fashion tastes of everyday people. Whether to stand out or be laidback, each piece is carefully curated to suit specific Myers-Briggs personality types. The intention is for everyone to be able to connect to this collection. We understand that humans are complex, thus, some may have more than one style that suits them, but there is always a dominant one. 

This one-of-one limited edition collection boosts confidence. You gain confidence by knowing that the clothing you are wearing fits your style. You gain confidence by knowing that your purchase is going towards a good cause. And lastly, you gain confidence by knowing you can easily connect to our community of fashionable champions for change. Shop the collection today to reap the benefits of our membership program. Become a member today.

Who Makes Our Clothing?

We teamed up with Nonnistics Fashion, a full-fledged design house based in Lagos, Nigeria. We chose to partner with Nonnisitic because of their empowered female-led owner, Nonye Goodie-Obi, who inspired Jibs Abitoye to begin Project 1 Million.


Nonnistic Fashion is known for its close-knitted working style with a collaborative team of thirteen staff members. Coupled with their advocacy for minimizing waste and using natural processed materials, Nonnistic is diligent about caring for materials at every stage of production. While this isn’t always easy, their production system ensures they produce what is needed to avoid overproduction. Once designs are created, samples are shown to the market, and production is only made to match orders received.


Creatively, they have developed a system to recycle materials. They do this by deconstructing used dresses for clients and reconstructing them into new designs that they love and can wear again. That in itself has helped them reduce dumping or burning textiles. In addition, unsold items are donated to welfare departments of some churches and organized groups that cater to the vulnerable Nigerian population. 

Who Makes Our Clothing

It is uniquely imperative that Nonnistic Fashion has set itself apart from the global manufacturer by actively seeking authentic ethnic fashion identities to make beautiful designs for its customers. Most of these ethnicities have their distinct fabric they identify with and use for all their cultural events. For example, Akwette from the east, Aso Oke from the west, Zebra fabric from the Midwest, and Jute fabric from the north. These are woven fabrics from plants. There’s a renewed focus on incorporating the unique materials into designs, but it can be hampered by the lack of infrastructure to raise the production. One of the visions of Nonnistic Fashion is to build a more eco-accessible factory that provides substantial machines for weaving natural fabrics that can be scaled up for greater use in the design and production process. While investing in a factory that can take up to 300 – 500 workers with top-notch accommodations created for them. The idea is to bring the rural women and men of Nigeria into the factory to improve their livelihoods and preserve our environment and culture.

Project 1 Million is a Divineity Fashion Inc. legacy initiative formed to fuse our company’s passion for fashion and charity


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