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  • What is Project 1 Million about? 
    • Project 1 million is a project where we are on our way to impacting 1 million people living in poverty with fashion as a medium. Through a collaboration between Divineity Fashion Inc, a purpose-driven for-profit organization and Compassion Canada, a charitable organization vexed with the vision of ending poverty, we will reach people in various parts of the world from  North America to Africa, From South America to Asia and Central America. 
  • What countries are these projects going to be carried out in? 
    • We have selected 7 countries in various continents to carry out our projects in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. These countries are Brazil, Kenya, Haiti, Nigeria, the Philippines, Mexico and Canada. We have thought about including Canada. 
  • Who chooses the projects that would be carried out? 
    • Our team will provide the community with the projects available in these seven countries and the projects will be carried out by our partner Compassion Canada. It would be the community’s responsibility to decide which project and in which country they would like to carry out the project. It will be completely community-led. 
  • Who chooses what country the projects will be carried out in? 
    • It is the community in each tier that decides what country they would like to go to carry out the projects. Our team only provides the required information to enable the community to make a befitting project decision. 
  • How are you going to measure the impact of Project 1 Million? 
    • Regularly, Compassion Canada will provide us with a project impact assessment report which will show us the progress of the project, including photos and how many people were impacted by the project. It will also include testimonials of the direct beneficiaries. 
  • How much money is going to be used toward charity projects? 
      • 50% of all purchases will be directed towards projects in the selected countries. Tax receipts will be issued for 50% of the price by Compassion Canada. 
  • How much of the money given to Compassion is used for administrative fees and how much goes to the benefitting community? 
      • Compassion Canada operates on an 80 – 20 system, meaning 20% or less goes towards administration and remains in  Canada, while the remaining 80% or more goes towards the benefitting communities across the world. 
  • How are we helping with the financial education aspect to break the poverty line?
  • Right now, we are partnering with Compassion Canada, the only way we can provide mentorship, guidance or financial education is when we are on the ground in the project location, which we intend to do sometime next year. However, going forward after the official launch, we will be expanding our charity partners and there might be opportunities to include financial literacy on our list. We are fully open to Suggestions. 
  • What else is Divineity Fashion Inc. doing other than giving compassion Canada money to do projects? 
    • Our team and our community will be directly involved in the project and country selection that will be carried out by  Compassion Canada. We will also be participating in volunteering for writing letters to kids whose sponsors may not have time to write a letter to the kids. Our team and some community members will be visiting the project sites, we will be offering free mentorship and training programs for beneficiary communities onsite. 
  • Why are you using a tiered system approach? 
    • This is a pilot to help us learn about what people will be willing to pay for a project such as this. This pilot will help us make an informed decision when it comes to pricing going forward. 
  • What do you get for the different tiers? 
  • Base Tier – This tier is FREE to enter
  • Access to our rewards program
  • Tier 3 – You must spend a minimum of $250 to enter this tier
  • Access to our rewards program
  • Influence in the Compassion Canada projects
  • Community building activities
  • Tier 2 – You must spend a minimum of $1000 to enter this tier
  • Access to our rewards program
  • Influence in the Compassion Canada projects
  • Community building activities
  • Community support activities
  • Access to exclusive giveaways
  • Tier 1 – You must spend a minimum of $5000 to enter this tier
  • Access to our rewards program
  • Influence in the Compassion Canada projects
  • Community building activities
  • Community support activities
  • Access to exclusive giveaways
  • Access to exclusive member networking events
  • Access to experiential live and virtual events (including our fashion show)
  • An opportunity to travel to project sites across the world
  • Would each tier have a separate project, in other words, 3 separate projects for this pilot? 
    • Each tier would have its separate project that they have chosen as a community. The projects that would be carried out could be under the child sponsorship program, mum and child sponsorship program or the community development program. 
  • Who makes the clothes? 
      • The clothes are made 100% in Nigeria by a manufacturer called Nonnistics Fashion, you can check them out on IG @nonnisticsfashion. This manufacturer is an ethical fashion brand that focuses on empowering people. NF is a world-class brand that has been shown in New York Fashion Week and makes clothes for celebrities and people from different work of life.
  • Are the outfits going to be received monthly or yearly? 
      • The outfit in the 3 different categories is a one-off. They would be received 4-6 weeks upon payment. There isn’t an option to purchase these outfits outside of the 3 categories, these outfits are made specifically for this project and can only be purchased within the umbrella of Project 1 Million. 
  • After this pilot when is the next one going to come? 
      • There is a plan to carry out the next launch in November. Please sign up for our mailing list to keep yourself updated:  https://project1million.ca/ 
  • Is there a payment plan available? 
      • Yes, if you would like a payment plan use this link to make a deposit and start your payment plan:  https://project1million.ca/product/project-1-million-payment/ 
  • If I wanted to pay monthly, rather than a lump sum is this possible? 
    • Yes, but your full membership doesn’t get activated until at least 50% of the tier selected has been paid. You immediately become a member of our community as soon as the first payment is made. You receive your outfits when 50% of the payment has been made. Other benefits kick in as you get to the full payment package. See the link to start monthly payment:  https://project1million.ca/product/project-1-million-payment/ 
  • Is the payment a one-off or a continuous payment cycle? 
    • The payment is a one-off. After this collection from A – D is launched on August 20th, we will be launching the next 4 letters by November 2021, you will have an option to be a part of this new collection but it isn’t a subscription-style payment unless you opted for a payment plan in which case it can be broken into 3 payments, 6 payments or a monthly plan. 
  • How can I become a part of this project and help Project 1 Million? 
      • On August 20th, we will be launching a collection called Alphabet by Divineity. This is a pilot project to launch letters A – D.  This collection will be divided into 3 categories 
        • Tier 1: $5,000  
        • Tier 2: $1,000  
        • Tier 3: $250 
      • We are accepting pre-orders, if you are interested in pre-ordering please use the link below. There is an option for payment in installments whether it is monthly or otherwise. https://project1million.ca/product/project-1-million-payment/ 
  • Will there be an opportunity to donate to Project 1 Million if we can’t afford to buy the outfits? 
    • Yes, by the launch day, there will be an opportunity to donate through our website to Compassion Canada. 
  • Will companies be allowed to participate?  
      • Yes, but the company has to decide who the beneficiary of the outfits will be  
  • I have a group of friends and we are interested in participating, is there a way we can participate as a group? 
    • Yes, but the group has to choose which friend will be the beneficiary of the outfit and all the other cool things people get.
  • Do we have volunteer opportunities? What are they?
    • Yes, they are opportunities to write letters to compassion-sponsored kids. As we go on with this pilot, there will be a more robust platform where people will see volunteer opportunities to become part of Project 1 Million. Right now, we are looking for champions that will spread the word about Project 1 Million within their circles and on social media. Interested in volunteering? Please let us know and we can get your details and get a hold of you when it’s time.
  • What has the group done so far? 
    • Since our soft launch in August 2021, our community has raised almost $20,000. These funds went towards the Haiti earthquake relief fund. 
  • Who is involved in the Project 1 Million community (demographics)? How many people do we have in the group?
    • Project 1 Million did a soft launch on Aug 20th as a pilot with people partnering with us on all 3 tiers, so far we have 3 groups:
        1. People who have become partners under the 3 tiers helping us raise almost $20k. So far there are 20 people, aged 25- 45, racially diverse, mostly professional people. Some are influencers.
        2. We have our email list which is our warm audience and are people interested in Project 1 Million but haven’t taken the step of partnering yet, they want to learn more about the project before they take a step, this is about 150 people.
        3. We have our cold audience, which is people who have heard about Project 1 Million, haven’t signed up to our mailing group due to technical issues, but are curious about the project. This number is about 3,000.    
  • Where can someone find the group?    
      • The intention is to have these groups in different places:
        1. Group 1 will be housed on our website and will create a WhatsApp/telegram group or some sort of group to be able to have intimate interactions with these people. They believe in our vision and want to help us get there.          
        2. Group 2 will continue to be housed in our email list until they go ahead and purchase, they will receive weekly emails from our team
        3. Group 3 will be housed on a Facebook group where anyone and anyone that has a little interest in Project 1 Million will go until they transition to group 2 and then 1. This will happen after the official launch.
  • How long is the membership for? 
    • Membership will last for 12 months from the date of payment with an option of renewal. 
  • How do I refer people I think may be interested in Project 1 Million? 
    • Send us an email to info@divineityfashion.com with the subject “Referral” 
  • What platforms are we going to use to build these supportive communities? 
    • We will start with the Facebook group and transition to a private WebHost. 
  • How does Project 1 Million benefit me as a business owner? 
    • You get a tax receipt for 50% of the price of what you purchase and you also get an opportunity to network with other business owners. This will be instigated and supported by our project team.
  • Are you paying for people’s tickets to travel to the countries or it’s at their leisure? 
    • Yes, it would be at the interested party’s own expense but our team will handle logistics. 
  • What kind of exclusive networking experience will we offer? 
    • Access to our Exclusive Club Membership
    • Networking with other Private Club Members 
    • Access to Exclusive Experiential Live and Virtual Events including our annual fashion show 
    • Opportunity to visit project sites in various parts of the world 
  • What is the plan for networking? 
  • We will organize networking events both physically and virtually that will be free for the Project 1 Million community members. We will also have groups for different types of interests. From time to time, we would invite speakers to the community to discuss relevant topics that may be of interest to the community and provide information that will be useful for business owners and individuals. A good example would be government grants that are available for business owners. 
  • What are the upcoming networking events dates and activities? 
    • We have our official launch coming in November, this event has been moved a few times due to covid but will have a solid date as soon as we have everything in place. Early next year, we will be having a fashion show where we intend to also have a networking event for all our partners.
  • What types of community support and benefits are we offering?
  • We are still in the pilot phase and are gathering requirements on what people are most interested in. However, we will be having exclusive networking events and activities. We will be leveraging the relationships in the group to support business owners and individuals. We are putting together a specialized business directory that will be useful for business owners, you will have access. You will have access to free masterminds with seasoned professionals. 


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Project 1 Million is a Divineity Fashion Inc. legacy initiative formed to fuse our company’s passion for fashion and charity

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