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Compassion Canada

Compassion Canada is on a mission to break down barriers for children living in poverty. They value integrity, stewardship, dignity, excellence and discernment. All projects have the core strategy of being Christ-centered, church-driven, and child-focused which leads to holistic child development that is effective and efficient. 

Compassion’s Holistic Child Development Program is an approach to ensure that the children they help thrive in every aspect of life: physical, spiritual, cognitive and socioemotional. To accomplish this, they use a variety of programs, projects and interventions that work together to make a significant and long-lasting difference in a child’s life from infancy to adulthood. 


These programs include: 

  • Survival (Mom/Baby) Program.
  • Child sponsorship. 
  • Youth development. 
  • Water sanitation and hygiene.
  • Stability.
  • Health.
  • Church Plants.
  • Child Development Center Launches.
  • Disaster Relief.

Why Compassion Canada?

Project 1 Million is a fusion between fashion and charity. Through our partnership with Compassion Canada, we are on a mission to bring 1,000,000 people out of poverty. The reasons that we decided to partner with Compassion are: 


Firstly, they are one of the world’s leading child development organizations, an established charity and successfully operating for the past 30 years. They work closely with local churches in 25 countries to determine what the people need to ensure that their efforts positively impact the lives of those in that community. Not only are they extending their help to other countries, but they are also seeking ways to live out their values in Canada as they do the work they do internationally. More than two million children and their families have been supported and we hope to use this fashion line to help one million more. 


Secondly, they operate in many countries worldwide, but specifically, they operate on-site in the countries our community selected.


Lastly, they use an 80:20 system. Most charities usually have a 50-50 structure meaning that they withhold 50% of the donations. However, Compassion Canada donates more than 80% of the funds to grassroots communities and uses the remaining for administration costs and other expenses. Compassion takes financial integrity seriously and is committed to reporting back on how donations are used and the impact they make. Learn more here.

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Project 1 Million is a Divineity Fashion Inc. legacy initiative formed to fuse our company’s passion for fashion and charity


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